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Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and grew up in a small town in Estonia. When I was a teenager I had worked in many different places and many different fields such as a watchman, electrical fitter, road worker and even as a rescuer at fire department. During the same time I was studying in college and later on I had got into University in Russia. After my graduation from University I started my professional work at Talking about my personal qualities I can point out that sometimes I find myself on a lazy size however if I get involved into a project I will turn on my gears to the maximum. I have some slogans that often help me in life. “Everything that does not kill us makes us only stronger” or “When the eyes are scared to look at work our hands just do it.” In other people I appreciate the most their honesty and the ability to respect the time of others. At this moment I combine work in the firm with a photography. I work with microstocks and also run some private projects. My only problem is that I find the day too short to complete all I started. I wished I did not have to sleep and the day lasted longer. read more



I photographed lingerie collection for catalog of online store


Marloes Horst